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help, broke game, it happened after a reunite

Win without using unity option)

web version will not load


change browsers

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none of them work, what browser do i need to download

Why is the downloaded Windows version only the Version V0.3 ingame, even when it is named 0.4 on the zip file and advertised as V1.0.4 on the download link?

had to ss this

my favorite number 117.08DTgCeMC ect.

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i am the chosen one

i think i actualy just took like 20 days and 12 hours so it reset lol

ITS GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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what in the world is Qax

I remember playing a incremental game that had something to do with etherium and bitcoin, and a third was in dev? Can reddit help me find it again?

cryptoclickers, compacto, and idle research

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no. green

IN the top left

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 that is the corner and it is not green




I Discover A Thing More you click more peoples Get Angry! because more income = more People Angry But you get more income!





I am incredibly disappointed that for your Squares game you didn't use a Hilbert curve for the ordering of square progression.



(seriously though, it's a good game)

Haha thanks! I've had a few people say the same thing ;P


a cool feature in the next update would be you could buy a auto influence buyer / reunite one. it could be for like 500Tril influence or it could cost reunite and you could put in a number to reset at whenever it hits that number of influences / reunites

also fullscreen isnt like all the way full screen idk if its a bug tho

It's a browser thing, I think. I get that problem on side monitors in Chrome.


i cant buy the silver medal for some reason

Hmmm, probably something with decimals, I will fix that

i just got more prestiges to fix it

i lost all my progress ):

i had 231 reunites and it took me soooooooooooo long

Currently there is a bug involving the way itch stores everyone's saves. Next update it should come back. If it doesn't let me know and I will make you a save.

ok thanks


yay it worked thanks so much!

I am stoked that it worked =D I spent many hours trying to fix this haha.

im glad you did a got all of my reunites back! great game 5/5

can you make it so we can choose the priority for automod.


you literally cannot idle this game if u do u will end up with less mem/sec then u started due to the mechanics.... shouldn't be an idle game incremental sure but it is so far from idle its not funny

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well this is a fun game anyways even if its not a idle. also you can idle it by just closing the tab and once your member gain completely stops then do the prestige thingy

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it looks like 'buy max' in the upgrades tab is attempting to buy each upgrade in order, it'd be a nice change if it bought the cheapest upgrades first, so none get missed. also, it's occasionally purchasing upgrades that i cannot afford- i have no idea what might cause that

edit to add: it's also unusual that the timer keeps ticking up on the endgame screen, if you beat the game while you're away, the timer could be several minutes off by the time you see it.

overall, nice game! not too short, not drawn out too long. getting the automod upgrades for the first time felt really rewarding


the use of an accelerating negative to force prestige was very interesting, tho my only complaint is it makes idling this game kind of impossible. Unless you're quick on the draw with buying upgrades to decrease the 1A/s the anger quickly reduces members/s to a crawl. The autobuy helps this problem a bit, but the early game is such a drag


Yeah understandable, however going idle further on gets better since it slows down slower, also there is offline progress but probably not a better alternative if you want to keep the game open haha.


The rule is never breaking. even when it says 1 or more a second it just isnt getting broken. I think rule breaking is broken.

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Dealing with the same confusion. Perhaps it is designed that Community Anger will kick in only at high levels of rule breakings per second. For me at least Anger is 0 at 25 rule breakings/s and it seems pointless to buy mods.

Interestingly: the rule breakings/s is higher than my posts/s

Edit: ah yeah the big thing on top stays at "Rule 1A has been broken 0 times". Must be broken.

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Ditto for me. Reloading the page and the rule is breaking again though, at least until the next prestige!


huh, weird. i will check this out later when i get home


i won :kek:


Very epic :kekw:


good job!